Sunday, 12 December 2010


I admit it, I've been putting off posting this entry... Patch and I haven't told anybody about it. But if we were going to forget about it we would have done already right? I think it's safe to hit "publish post" and let it out into the world where you can read it. So here it is:

I was rereading that posts I made about going to the park with Kaylee, and again with Chuck. Over and over again. Not that I'm scared or anything, but it's a bit worrying that I can't remember anything about what happened both times! I'd be a bit strange if I didn't wonder what had happened!

So I decided I should go and take another look right after school. My dad is always saying things like "best foot forward", and I guess for once he has a point.

I had a bit of trouble finding someone to go along with me, though. I would have gone alone, of course, but probably that would have been a bad idea, but I totally had the nerve to do it. I asked Chuck along but he wasn't having any of it. That kind of crap is best left alone, he said. I think he doesn't like being confused or forgetting things or anything. More than some people dislike it I guess.

I phoned up Kaylee. We both have awesome really expensive mobile phones in the latest designs by Apple iPhone that have tonnes of cool apps and do a lot of things that normal phones can't, also I have two. She said she'd love to come but she was in the first rehearsal for the big Christmas talent contest some parish is putting together. I wasn't sure whether that sounded really cool or really lame, but since she's doing it now it's definitely cool! She's been talking about doing it for a while but I didn't realise she'd actually entered! She'll be tapdancing and maybe doing the Charleston too. I had to look up what the Charleston is, but it looks really cool and has some really good music too! Anyway she said that it would be a bad idea to go back after what happened last time, but then we couldn't finish the conversation because she had to go and rehearse!

I tried to phone Alex too but he was nowhere to be found. If he was any harder to get hold of he'd be a missing person!

I asked Patch after that, and he said "okay, I'll bite". Patch is pretty cool, I don't know him as well as I do Chuck but he wears a trench coat and has an Alienware computer that's just for gaming, and he looks old enough to get into clubs and buy alcohol. He even has a little bit of a beard that he says makes him look like a satyr and dad says makes him look like a homeless guy. He definitely isn't scared of creepy playgrounds or whatever might be in them.

I told him what I knew, even though that wasn't very much. That tunnel thing seemed to be important the first time I went to the playground, so we decided to check it out and try going through it. Patch and I are both very gung-ho and thrillseeking!

It would be dumb to do this in the night if we could do it in the day, no matter how cool the photos might be! But we had to go after changing clothes from school, so by then it was already dark.

One time while we were walking, we passed this guy who was sitting in his car. I couldn't actually see him so I guess he could have been a woman too. He was sitting there with his headlights on all the time that we walked past! I sneaked back like a Batman ninja and took a photograph really quickly around the corner. He was gone when we walked back the same way later on.

Here's the tunnel I went through.

I went into the tunnel again.

The big forest was still on the other side. I fearlessly took the camera through with me so that I could document it. A lot of the photos were completely messed up and staticky or even completely black! But I have high journalistic standards, so I didn't upload those.

In a few places the branches all closed in and knotted together like they were a wall or a fence. It looked almost man-made... or something-made at least! I have some photos of me at myspace angles in the tunnel forest, but Patch took one look and said "dude, you look like you're cacking yourself", which is obviously untrue so I didn't upload those either.

I nearly got lost a couple of times as well. Trees all look the same when you've seen enough of them. Let's just say that I was very glad to have my safety rope!

I wanted to phone Patch while I was there and see if it would work, but something was going on with my phone.

I kept hearing things cracking in the background, like branches being shoved around and hitting other branches. Not like someone walking, if I thought someone else was there I would have left or maybe courageously tried to speak to them or something. It was pretty high off the ground and was probably just the wind making the trees move, because it would be behind me one moment and way ahead of me the next and nobody can move that fast or quietly.

I don't know what I can say about the next photos, so I'll just say that I left again after I took them and Patch and I went home straight away. He said that after I was in for a while he heard clanking in the tunnel like someone crawling through, and thought it was me coming back, but he shone the torch in and nobody was there. I sort of wish he hadn't told me that.

Here are the last photos.


  1. Wow! You’re so brave! Thank you for being such a role model.
    This seems to be a very strange occurrence, a tunnel that warps into a forest, this could be an incredible phenoOH GOD WHY IS THERE BLOOD ON THAT TREE AND THE CLANKING AND BLOOD.

  2. This REAKS of Him. Sounds behind you and then infront of you? Well, I have a possible explanation; Slender walking. He seems to be able to move through time and space with ease, which would allow him to be behind you at one time and ahead of you the next. You need to be careful, things like this only happen when He's involved... warping tunnels... yeah... that sounds like him...

    Stay safe,
    Raz P.

  3. What exactly is this "Slender walking" you speak of? And who is "Him" for that matter? I don't think any of us have ever heard of those and that Aaron here is experiencing something that I'm fairly certain nobody has ever experienced and/or blogged about before.

  4. If you don't know about anything like this, count yourself lucky. That's all I have to say on that matter.

    Good day,
    Raz P.

  5. Gosh, I sure am glad I read this during daylight, or I'm quite certain I'd have nightmares. I may very well have nightmares anyway!

    You guys are certainly very brave. You're an inspiration to people everywhere.

    - Red

  6. you win Blogging forever.

    or at least second place.

  7. I must agree with Andy/slenderbloggins; I have no idea what this "Slenderwalking" or "Him" you are talking about is. This Aaron fellow is certainly experiencing something which absolutely no one ever has before, and doing so in a way far braver than any of us ever would.

  8. Oh my gawd, you're so brave and awesome! I can't believe that you really dared to go in there? Are you sure that Kaylees the only one for you because my girlfriends and I now would really really like to have a chance of lying in your strong arms one day! ~<3