Sunday, 5 December 2010

Long time no see, and here's why...

Haven't updated the blog for nearly a week because dad is an idiot. See, our electronics were playing up. He put in a dvd to watch and the whole thing was just static and snow and things. And then he turned the TV on and the picture was all warped and the sound was really loud and grating. Kaylee and I could hear it from all the way upstairs and had to go down to see what the heck he was doing.

Eventually he decided to poke around and pull out wires and things round the back of the TV, where there are so many that it's basically black wire spaghetti. And he managed to pull out and tread on the thingy for the modem, so we basically don't have the internet at dad's house until the company comes round to deliver a new one. I've had to go online at school and at people's houses, it's totally lame.

I'm at mum's house right now though. It's really small and I have to sleep on the futon, and Giovanni the smelly labrador puppy goes to sleep on it too and then I can't move my legs or else he'll wake up and sulk at me. But she has the internet and she doesn't mind how late I stay up on it, and she always gets me Chinese takeaway when I'm here every other weekend, which dad hardly ever gets.

In other news I was talking to Alex the other day. This is noteworthy because I only ever seem to see him in classes any more. He's vanishing off the face of the earth!

I have Drama & Theatre with Alex on Wednesdays, but I only really started talking to him a while back after he made friends with Chuck in their remedial spelling/handwriting thing. At first I thought he was kind of strange, because he's into all these really old movies without explosions or anything and he talks a lot about liking things ironically, which doesn't really make sense to me. But he likes things the real way too, and he hates cats in a really real way, so that makes him a good guy in my book.

Anyway, he asked me if anything was going on with me and Chuck, I guess because Chuck's been really quiet since what happened on Monday. I asked Chuck the other day if he'd gotten to see a doctor or something and he kind of half-laughed and said what for. I guess I told Alex that I didn't know, because you can't go up to a guy and say "hey, you know X? He got frightened of Y and Z!" And obviously I've been acting perfectly normally, 'cause I'm way cool, so it can't have been me he was asking about.

I haven't seen that guy in the mask since the hospital. I asked Kaylee about him again and she said that yeah she knew him, then I guess she clammed up and didn't want to say anything else. I didn't push it. How important can it be?

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