Tuesday, 30 November 2010

This entry gets cooler as it goes along!

My dad is such a freaking idiot. I booked a doctor's appointment for after school today, because apparently I've forgotten a bunch of stuff twice now and that's a little bit worrying even for someone as unflappable as me. And I didn't tell my dad because he would've freaked out, but I don't know why I bothered thinking about him. He just freaked out at me for being late home from school instead. I guess he thinks I'm going to get kidnapped by some child murderer or something stupid. I told him I was at Kaylee's house and he started going on and on at me because he probably thinks we were doing it or something. So I told him Chuck was there too and he started going off on one about my weird friends and my weird girlfriend and why couldn't I hang around normal people and that whole stupid spiel. My dad is so freaking stupid. I hate him. I can't tell mum because she'll get all smug and I can't tell Kaylee because her thing with her parents is weird and I can't tell Chuck or Patch or Alex because that's not a cool thing to do. None of them read this blog unless they see me writing it, so I guess I have to tell you.

Anyway, that was a bit of a rantsplosion! Sorry. That's a one-time thing. It won't happen very often because I'm cool. I really am cool.

I'm going to talk about the doctor visit instead. Kaylee went with me for moral support and to make up for vanishing off and acting a little strange. I think she was trying to be cheerful because she kept saying about how cool it is that I can just go to the doctor and get an appointment whenever. She's from Alabama or Montana or something in America so she comments on things like that sometimes. It must have been her own spirits she was trying to keep up though, because mine didn't need it! I don't get worried by things like this, I'm too much of a brave soul!

There was this one guy in the waiting room who kept looking at me! It was a little bit creepy, I don't mind telling you, though not a lot creepy. I might have just been imagining things, because his face was covered by a white plastic mask with black lips/eyebrows and black eyes that made it hard to tell exactly where he was looking. He might have been reading his newspaper.

The doctor had me fill in this chart which I guess tallied all the other symptoms and things I might have been having. So I had to say things like had I had heart attacks or migraines or surgery (I haven't) or did my family have a history of Alzheimer's Disease or whatever (it doesn't). One of them was did I have seizures ever, so I had to say yes and he asked about my meds and said it might be to do with that.

I dunno what made Chuck get it too. He's sort of pretending that it didn't happen. Kaylee said afterwards that maybe it was psychosomatic. She's really smart.

Kaylee had gone to the waiting room, because the doctor had said the questions might be personal. Suddenly I heard her shouting. She's very easy to hear from a distance - walls and doors and things don't stand a chance against her! What's odd is that I could hear a man's voice too, and it sounded... strangely familiar. I went out into the waiting room and found Kaylee glaring at the masked man as he stalked away out of the door. I asked her what was going on and she said that she didn't want to talk about it. But it sounded like she knew this guy! I don't know what to make of it!

When we were leaving, I noticed the masked man's newspaper, abandoned on his seat. It was open to the crossword on the magazine insert. The man had filled in all the squares with the letters O and X, on top of each other, like he couldn't make up his mind which was the right one. I rolled my eyes at him, even though he'd already gone. He was obviously just pretending to do the crossword so that he'd look smart.


  1. Wearing a mask? What a lame dude. He must have thought it was still Halloween or something.
    And he fails at crosswords.

  2. You're so awesome that it doesn't even bother me that you made a rant at the beginning.
    Oh yeah, and I hate it when hobos in a mask try to hit on your girlfriend. It's annoying but they have so low self-esteem they usually just sulk out the door, haha. Maybe he was playing Crossword Puzzle: Hugs and Kisses Edition, but he was so bad he failed? Either way, he's definitely not as cool and brave as you are.

  3. Have you considered the possibility that the man in the mask was Kaylee's evil ex-boyfriend?

  4. What if it was ur Dad in the mask trying to scare away ur weird friends? You should probably go tell him you wish he wasn't around anymore for being such a jerk!

  5. @Omega: He was totally more lame than you even know. He had this stupid shirt on that was tie-dye or something with three wolves and a moon on, it was worse than the worst shirt you can possibly imagine.

    @Eric: Thanks man. :) Yeah, he totally looked like he would play some girly thing like that. And then not even get that right. What a loser!

    @Brendan: Aw man, do you think he might be? She swore she only had seven.

    @XOangelicOX: He's totally lame enough to do that. :( If I yell at him he'll ground me again, though.