Saturday, 27 November 2010

I don't know what's happening

My hands are shaking so bad that I can barely type. FROM THE COLD. I'm totally not scared. I'm way too badass and admirable to be scared. I'm so awesome that you might even call me a noble protagonist.

All the same, I don't know what the hell just happened.

My girl and I went down to the playground. It's pretty close, so it was only a few minutes' walk. Soon we were surrounded on all sides by climbing frames and see-saws and trees. So many trees.

Gaunt shapes. Like the trees in my dream!

I was really scared, but fought through it because I'm brave and a role model for readers everywhere. And I didn't let on that I was scared to my honey, because then she might have gotten even more scareder. I marched right into the playground and shouted: "Show yourself, whoever you are!"

The playground was completely empty. That dumbo from the phone call was nowhere to be seen - but while I was glaring at the playground, I saw something white catch the moonlight. It was in one of those metal tunnels that kids enjoy crawling through for some godforsaken reason. I remembered my dreams, and the mysterious comments to my first blog post, and wondered - could this be the thing I've been dreaming about?!

"We should split up," I told my honey. "I'll be right back."

I ran towards the tunnel and climbed the steps up to it. God, I would give that faceless bastard what-for. Who's he to haunt my dreams and rob me of a good night's sleep? Why I oughta -

But no. When I crawled into the tunnel to find the white thing, I realised that it wasn't Mister Faceless. It was a sheet of printer paper with something scribbled on it:

g0 0n then
d0 y0ur worst them
i w0n't sleep till then

If this is meant to be poetry, it sucks.

Anyway, I crawled forwards to get out of the tunnel, and found myself exiting into a huddle of trees. I stood up and looked behind me, and the playground had vanished. The street had vanished. My girl Kaylee had vanished! Everything had vanished! Except the trees had done the opposite and they were everywhere.

I swore very loudly, even though I am a role model.

"Where am I?!"

I kept looking at the place where the playground should have been. Then I realised.

It was night.

I was in a forest.

And there was a white shape up in the trees!!

I backed away and dived into the only piece of cover I could see: the stupid little tunnel. I crawled through it so fast that I took the skin off my hands and banged my head a whole bunch of times. I kept expecting the... face or man or tree or whatever it is... to come and grab my ankles. But it didn't happen! I got out into the playground and looked up and saw Kaylee running towards me waving her hands around with worry.

She told me I looked scared! No way I looked scared. I'm practically an action hero.

"We have to go home," I said, covering up my fear and sounding very manly. "Now."

So we came home and I definitely didn't jump at every shadow, thank you very much. Kaylee kept asking me what had happened but every time I tried to explain it the words got tangled up. I've even had to keep deleting and rewriting things here to make it make sense. Now that I've gotten everything down I'll show her and...


...Wait, what have I been writing? What is this rubbish? I don't remember any of this. And when did I skin my hands?!


  1. Sorry about that. Its just you know, the fear level on that was too high for me to post anything comprehensible. You don't remember posting it?! Oh man, that sounds freaky. Maybe even downright ominous.

  2. We seem to be in a similar situation; please let me know how you get the blood out of your keyboard.

  3. @Eric It's almost like a theme is repeating itself! A horrible, eerie theme. Not that I'm frightened or anything, but we'll both have to be very careful in the future about what we do and don't remember.

    @Enzd Pry the keys off and clean around/underneath them with cotton buds, a little warm water and a dry paper towel. DO NOT ASK ME HOW I KNOW THIS. It was a horrible mistake...