Sunday, 28 November 2010

I have a bit of a confession to make.

I wanted to know what was up with that last post I made. So I asked Kaylee about it and she said that no such thing ever happened. We were at home making out the whole evening and then I decided to write a fictional story for fun. So that's all cleared up!

In other news, I got an un-postmarked letter through the door this morning! It was in a plain brown envelope, and on the letter in a font so small I could hardly read it were the words:

y0u 0we
are h0lding back

Then, underneath those words, the rest of the paper had been scribbled on in thick black pen. The contrast made it quite jarring to look at.

I wonder who delivered it? And I wonder... how they knew?!

There's something I haven't been telling you. When I made that first post... it wasn't off the top of my head. I've been fighting a weird compulsion ever since the dreams started. An eerie, overwhelming compulsion to blog. Like it's required of me. Like my fingers are not my own.

You're probably very creeped out right now!

I went upstairs to show the letter to my honey Kaylee, but I couldn't find her anywhere. She'd vanished! And dad's stupid cat Sparkles was clawing on the closet door! He was damaging the paint so I put him downstairs with the baby gate across the stairs. We don't have a baby, because Kaylee's a hot little lady and I'm a cool son of a gun and neither of us have time for a baby in between the awesome things in our lives. But mum brings the puppy round sometimes and it likes to wee on the bed.

Anyway, I looked inside the closet and behind the hanging clothes I found a little door! I didn't go through it, though. NOT BECAUSE I WAS SCARED. I just remembered I'd left the oven on. I'm a badass motherhubbard who isn't scared of any doors. And besides, all of the things which happened today were very original and creepy and I've never heard of them happening to anyone else.

I wonder if I should be worried about my girlfriend?


  1. Dude I have never been so scared in my life. I can't imagine how you're able to handle all of this with so much courage. You are a braver man than I.

  2. I know right? If I weren't such an amazingly together guy I'd be terrified. Which I'm not. I'm totally on top of all this crap. An actual topping has nothing on how on-top I am.

  3. Sparkles, huh? What a great name for a cat!